BOX 4 Trees are made of natural materials : plywood, hemp twine and cotton webbing

schöner herbsttag2

Every single BOX 4 Trees is handmade out of natural and recycled materials – with an emphasis on the unique beauty and functionality of timber.

Plywood is a super durable material made from fast-growing trees like birch and pine trees.
And we ensure it’s grown in a very efficient way to maximise the production yield. We can produce up to 70 boxes from one tree with a diameter of 30cm (12″). That means that one tree can help up to 70 young trees to grow. Surfaces are treated with vegetable oil (and feel free to apply a new layer of kitchen oil every couple of months to bring the timber back to life).

Ropes are not dissimilar to those that sailors have been using for centuries.
Webbing is made from cotton and then dyed in tea. Yes, the very same tea we drink daily can be used as a natural dye.



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